Ongoing Master Classes

Includes a minimum of 6 hours of course studies per month (4 classes @ 90 min each). Typical class time is 6:00-7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Consult the instructor for dates and location.



Continue your studies and walk the long and rewarding road of swordfighting mastery. By participating in Swordfight Canada’s ongoing Masters classes, you will broaden your skills and build proficiency in multiple weapon disciplines.

  • gain the beautiful skills of a swordfighter
  • connect with history in a physical way
  • learn to move and master the movements of the body
  • grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • meet challenges, overcome obstacles, and progress in your learning

Included with your enrollment is use of a steel sword, dagger, mask and gorget. Consult your instructor for class schedule and location.

Apprentice Level

The Apprentice level is achieved by completing the Longsword Foundations course. This curriculum is focused on building mechanical competency and strategic awareness.

  • Longsword (6 courses)
  • Unarmed Combat I (1 course)

Scholar Level

Upon completion of the Scholar’s Exam, you will begin the next chapter of your training. While level I courses retain the goals of basic training, level II courses take that training to the next level by honing the skills required for mechanical proficiency and strategic competence.

  • Longsword Level 2 (6 courses)
  • Sidesword Level 1 (6 courses)
  • Unarmed Combat II (2 courses)

Free Scholar, Provost & Master Levels

Swordfight Canada students will work with certified governing bodies to ensure a solid path of ongoing progress toward becoming a Master of Arms.

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