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Longsword-Dagger-Rapier Mega Workshop (Hinton, June 17)

June 17, 2017 @ 1:00 pm7:00 pm PDT


Three workshops—one price! An incredible day of Italian Martial Arts, and an incredible 3-for-1 deal. What’s more, “Approaching Gioco Largo” and “The True Fight” can be done with either longsword or rapier! This is a great opportunity to get a huge chunk of high quality training all in one day.

Prerequisite: Longsword Foundations Course, or the 11:00am Introduction to Italian Longsword workshop or similar. Rapier students should have a fundamental understanding of the basics of swordfighting as it applies to that weapon. If you have other qualifications, or would like to speak to the instructor beforehand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1-3 pm: Against Those Who Withdraw the Sword

In this workshop we’ll learn how to safely approach an opponent who holds their sword offline, high or low. By controlling the centre space we force our opponent to give up blade control. Or they might evade our control, which gives us an opportunity to counter their plan and establish the direction of the fight even more. We’ll attack our opponent in their various positions to provoke defenses, then counter their actions and finish the fight on our terms.

3-5 pm: Unarmed & Dagger Self-Defense

Starting with a basis of good posture and fluid movement, we progress into defending ourselves against the opponent who comes at us empty-handed as well as armed with a dagger. In any encounter we can establish a strong position and then make a play on the hand/weapon, the arm holding it, or the body moving it. These concepts are foundational to all self-defense, whether fist, dagger, sword or spear, and will serve the student well in every area of further study.

5-7 pm: The True Fight Combat Strategy

Control the centre space between you and your opponent, move forward when safe, move backward when threatened, attack when opportune. This is the True Fight, and in this workshop we’ll practice exercises that give us a solid understanding of where we should position ourselves, and when to move in good time. We’ll work to seek control of the weapons and of the strategic direction of the swordfight, guiding it to our advantage and a satisfactory end.

Other Details

Recommended age 15 or older. The pace of the class is mild but consistent, and all fitness levels can be accommodated. Youth under the age of 19 must print and deliver to the Instructor a signed waiver before the beginning of class. Read the safety waiver here.

Before & After. Get a head start by going through the Duello.TV’s free longsword and rapier courses, or purchase a DTV Scholar’s Club membership and receive access to the full Fundamentals courses for a more thorough introduction to the art of the Italian swordfighting.

You will Need

  • Indoor close-toed shoes and comfortable clothing, like the kind used for general exercise. Long pants/sweats, long sleeve shirts (or hoodies) are recommended. Avoid bare legs and arms.
  • Light gloves (leather or cloth) are optional, but always a good idea when training.
  • A water bottle, or similar fluids to keep you hydrated during class.
  • If you are under the age of 19, a signed waiver on paper. View the safety waiver here.

Swordfighting Equipment Used in this Course

  • A steel longsword designed for real-world practice with dulled edges and a blunt tip (not sharp, antique or simply decorative).
  • A standard fencing mask, like the kind used in Olympic fencing.
  • A rigid throat & neck protector (gorget) made from steel or stiff/hardened leather.
  • Equipment rental from Swordfight Canada is included in the course fee. If you have your own equipment, please contact Swordfight Canada to get instructor approval for its use in class.


June 17, 2017
1:00 pm–7:00 pm PDT
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Greg Reimer


114C MacCleod Ave
Hinton, AB Canada
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