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Longsword Apprentice Workshop: Longsword Grappling (Hinton, Apr 22, 1pm)

April 22, 2017 @ 1:00 pm5:00 pm PDT


Prerequisite: Longsword Foundations Course

Continue your studies and become a Master of Arms. By participating in Swordfight Canada’s ongoing Masters classes, you will broaden your skills and build proficiency in multiple weapon disciplines.

  • gain the beautiful skills of a swordfighter
  • connect with history in a physical way
  • learn to move and master the movements of the body
  • grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • meet challenges, and progress in your learning

Included with your enrollment is use of a steel sword, dagger, mask and gorget. Consult your instructor for class schedule and location if not listed here.

Longsword Grappling

The longsword fight is truly multifaceted, including work with two hands on the grip, half-swording, sword in one hand, dagger play, and unarmed grappling (not to mention armoured and mounted combat!). This workshop will take the student through basic grappling encounters that come out of the swordfight itself when the distances close and the blade’s cut or thrust is no longer the best combative option. We will work a range of techniques including disarms, suppressions, arm binds and throws. These will be found both as the fighter who controls the blade, as well as the fighter whose blade is suppressed. Finally, we’ll counter the opponent’s attempted grapples, resulting in a safe exit from the fight, or a counter-grapple that maintains advantage and moves the fight forward towards conclusion.

Workshop Structure

  1. The Outside Line. Grapples at the blade, hand, elbow and shoulder on the outside line. Study of safe entry and timing.
  2. The Inside Line. Disarm of the opponent’s sword. Grapples to the hand, elbow and shoulder on the inside line.
  3. Three Pressures in the Grapple. Grappling options based on whether the crossing is won, lost, or tied.
  4. Countering the Grapple. Preempting the opponent’s attempts to grapple on the inside and outside lines. Responding to an opponent’s successful entry to grapple.

Students with a subscription to DuelloTV can view the Longsword Grappling video library playlist here.

Dagger Grappling Focus

As part of the grappling knowledge requirements for Apprentice, we’ll be covering the essentials of dagger attacks and defenses. Video reference to First Master, Third Master, Fourth Master and Sixth Master can be found in the DTV video playlists.


April 22, 2017
1:00 pm–5:00 pm PDT
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Greg Reimer


114C MacCleod Ave
Hinton, AB Canada
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