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Longsword Apprentice Workshop: Approaching Gioco Stretto (Jasper, Feb 11)

February 11, 2017 @ 12:00 pm4:00 pm PST


Prerequisite: Longsword Foundations Course

Continue your studies and become a Master of Arms. By participating in Swordfight Canada’s ongoing Masters classes, you will broaden your skills and build proficiency in multiple weapon disciplines.

  • gain the beautiful skills of a swordfighter
  • connect with history in a physical way
  • learn to move and master the movements of the body
  • grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • meet challenges, and progress in your learning

Included with your enrollment is use of a steel sword, dagger, mask and gorget. Consult your instructor for class schedule and location if not listed here.

Approaching Gioco Stretto

Gioco Stretto refers to a combat engagement where the opponent’s weapon is a direct threat to strike and wound us, often with a thrust. We’ll approach our opponent who points the swords at us, control their blade, and recover control when they’ve successfully got it. Then we’ll use stringere, or pressure, to cause our opponent to move according to our designs, and find striking opportunities as they try to escape. Finally, we’ll examine a complete fight flowchart simply called The True Fight, where we make decisions about movement, measure and tempo based upon who actually has control of the swordfight from moment to moment.

Workshop Structure

  1. Intention Thrusting. Learn to gain blade control as they opponent actively threatens with their point. Strike the opponent safely and exit the play.
  2. Recovering Control. Lost control? Then get it back! We’ll explore a small but incredibly useful toolkit for taking back control of the fight.
  3. Stringere. In Italian, this means “pressure”. We’ll strategically pressure our opponent to move their blade predictably from one space to another, and find controlling and striking opportunities as they do so.
  4. The True Fight. Move forward with control of the centre, move backward to regain it, and strike only when opportune. We’ll put the swordfight into the fuller context of tactical decision-making based on where we are at and how we need to move next.

Students with a subscription to DuelloTV can view the Approaching Gioco Largo video library playlist here.

Grappling Focus

As part of the grappling knowledge requirements for Apprentice, we’ll be covering the essentials of arm keys/locks. DTV lessons for this material are covered in “Abrazare 4: Three Keys” video in the Grappling Foundation playlist.


February 11, 2017
12:00 pm–4:00 pm PST
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Greg Reimer


Jasper Legion
400 Geike Street
Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0 Canada
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