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20-hour Swordfighting Course (Jasper, Jan 12)

January 12, 2019 @ 8:00 am6:00 pm PST

$249 – $299


9 available
20-hour Swordfighting Course (Jasper, Jan 12)$299.00Are you ready to spend 20 hours learning to battle with medieval sword, dagger and spear? Then you've found your place.

Are you ready to spend 20 hours learning to battle with medieval sword, dagger and spear? Then you’ve found your place. Join Swordfight Canada in Jasper from January 12-13 in an epic weekend of martial immersion!

You’ll handle a real steel longsword (dulled and blunted for safety) and walk through the paces of how to use it in combat. You will use a wooden training dagger, as well as a wood spear with rubber tip for safe practice.

This course is open to ages 15 and up. All physical abilities, fitness levels and martial arts experience (or lack thereof!) will be accepted. Exercises will scale and adapt to your abilities and training goals.

Saturday-Sunday, January 12-13, 8:00am – 6:00pm, Jasper Legion

Minimum enrollment numbers are in effect. Grab a buddy and sign up today!

Course Outline: Longsword (12 hours)

Day 1

  • Making the 6 cuts of the sword
  • Primary, secondary and centreline postures, how to hold the sword and stand in guard
  • Making the 5 thrusts of the sword
  • The 3 advantages of blade control, how to control your opponent’s blade
  • Making attacks that keep you safe
  • Footwork essential for efficient motion in combat
  • The 3 defensive principles when defending
  • Successful defense, follow on with counter attacks
  • Successful defense and counter attack in one motion
  • The anatomy of a swordfight: engagement, control, attack
  • An introduction to slow-speed fencing

Day 2

  • Moving through the 12 guards of the Longsword as solo exercise
  • Strategy 1: Approaching the opponent, their sword point extended
  • Strategy 2: The opponent approaches, their sword point extended
  • Strategy 3: Approaching the opponent, their sword point withdrawn
  • Strategy 4: The opponent approaches, their sword point withdrawn
  • Strategy 5: Longsword grappling after having won, lost, or tied the crossing
  • Longsword vs. Spear
  • Longsword vs. Dagger

Course Outline: Spear (4 hours)

  • Guards of the spear held at the tail
  • Guards of the spear held at the half
  • Attacks of the spear, thrusts with extended tail grip
  • Mechanics required to deliver thrusts at 4 striking ranges
  • The 3 parries of the spear
  • Counter attacks after a successful defense
  • Making feints and working deception into your game

Course Outline: Dagger (4 hours)

  • The 8 attacks of the dagger in two grips
  • Defending against the forehand blow
  • Defending against the backhand blow
  • Defending against the rising blow
  • Disarms from every defense
  • Arm locks from every defense
  • Throws from every defense (this class will only control the body, no throws to the ground will be performed)

Get a Head Start

People new to swordfighting can get a head start by going through the Duello.TV’s free course, Getting Started with Longsword, or purchase a DTV Scholar’s Club subscription and receive access to the full Longsword Fundamentals course series for a more thorough introduction to the art of the Italian Longsword.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable indoor shoes and clothes that you might use to do a regular workout. Long sleeves or a hoodie are better than bare arms.
  • Thin soft gloves are optional but always a good idea when training.
  • A water bottle or similar hydrating liquids.
  • Please read through the Safety and Policies. If you are under the age of 19, bring a signed waiver on paper. View the safety waiver here.
  • Swordfight Canada will provide a nylon (youth) or steel (adult) longsword, wooden staff, wooden dagger, fencing mask and throat protector (gorget) at no extra charge. If you have your own SCA or HEMA approved equipment, please contact the instructor regarding its suitability prior to class.


January 12, 2019
8:00 am–6:00 pm
$249 – $299


Greg Reimer


Jasper Legion
400 Geike Street
Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0 Canada
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