What better way of celebrating your event or meeting than with swordfighting? Seriously, it’s a great way to spend a few special hours together. Here are just a few people you can treat to swordfighting in a safe and fun environment:

  • vacationers looking for adventure
  • bachelors/bachelorettes
  • birthday boys/girls
  • esteemed co-workers
  • favourite family members
  • just friends getting together for fun

And so many more! All events are conducted under the supervision of an expert Swordfight instructor, ensuring a safe, relaxed and enjoyable time for everyone. For ages 15 and up; all fitness levels are welcome. Assemble your crew and experience together the thrill of medieval Longsword, Dagger and Spear.

Contact us today to start your private booking. Prices start at $159 + expenses. All events are fully paid in advance. A deposit may be required to secure your booking.

Phone: 604-727-4365

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