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Medieval Martial Arts in the Rocky Mountains

Safety & Policies

  1. View the Safety WaiverRespectful behaviour is expected of all Swordfight students at all times. Together we learn and practice the art in equality, honour and decorum.
  2. Present oneself with all due consideration: clean clothes, clean bodies.
  3. All Swordfight Canada participants must agree to a release of liability waiver.
  4. Anyone under 19 years of age must also have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  5. No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the field and should not be consumed prior to any Swordfight Canada event.
  6. We have a cancellation policy of 48 hours.

Our Learning Environment

  • we are made up of a welcoming and inclusive group that creates a safe space and is open to everyone
  • we foster a place where each student is empowered to be their own best teacher and learner
  • we practice authentic swordfighting techniques sourced from period manuals and applied with a modern teaching style, using safe tools closely resembling their deadly counterparts
  • we engage in physical activity that gets us in touch with our strengths and weaknesses, with respectful and controlled contact at all times
  • we expect and deliver professional conduct; instructors start classes on time with equipment and lessons prepared; students show up on time and work diligently, taking care of themselves, their equipment and their classmates

Swordfighting is a martial art with certain inherent risks. Although our instructors make every effort to ensure a safe experience, neither the company, its owners, nor anyone else associated, shall be held responsible for any losses, damages or injuries to person or property, due to any cause whatsoever. Read the safety waiver here.

Youth under the age of 19 must print and deliver to the Instructor a signed waiver before the beginning of class. Read the safety waiver here.

Ongoing Classes

Swordfight Canada’s ongoing classes allow you to learn medieval combat techniques in dagger, longsword and spear by building one skill upon the next, and putting it all together in a structured and coherent system of martial practice. Swordfight Canada uses the same world-class curriculum and teaching methods taught at Academie Duello in Vancouver, BC.

Start with the basics by taking an introductory course or workshop, then progress through stages of curriculum that explore new topics every month. Along the way you’ll be able to learn new skills, practice them to proficiency, and enjoy sparring and freeplay within a supportive community of fellow students and mentors.

There are skill assessments and a list of techniques that each rank is able to learn and focus on. Finally, prepare for your examination to progress to the next level of study! It’s challenging work, and requires focus, time and energy, but the rewards of pursuing swordfighting are enormous! Confidence, physical grace, and knowledge of a treasured art are just a few. Each student finds their own joy in the pursuit of swordfighting mastery. Start your journey today! Purchase tuition for ongoing classes here.


About Swordfight Canada

Based in the alpine village of Valemount, British Columbia, Swordfight Canada was founded is 2016 by Greg Reimer and holds classes and worships throughout BC and Western Canada. In 2015, Greg received his Provost certification at Academie Duello in Vancouver, BC, where he studied swordfighting for over ten years.

Greg has been studying Italian martial arts since 2006, and has taught over 5,500 hours to students in unarmed, dagger, rapier (and secondaries), sidesword & buckler, longsword, pole weapons and mounted combat.

Greg has also participated in various tournaments, winning the 2013 and 2014 Carosella Mounted Combat games, the 2014 Senior Students Invitational rapier tournament, and the 2015 Spring Clash Tournament (rapier & longsword videos below) in Vancouver, BC. He has travelled across Western Canada and into Washington State to meet, teach and enjoy learning and sparring with other sword fighters.

Greg enjoys sword fighting and sharing it with others, no matter what age, physical ability or martial experience.

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Videos of Live Combat

Forms & Historical Interpretations

Upcoming Events

View All EventsWield a sword and fight like a knight! Grow in your knowledge, acquire real martial skills, and journey the path of swordfighting mastery within a welcoming community. Registration is limited, so purchase your tickets and reserve your seat now. Purchase tuition for ongoing classes here.